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216                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

was in such a hurry to do everything that was
necessary to prevent mischief, repair the neglect
of others, &c., that I scarce found time to read
and answer yours. I am now a little more at
leisure, though by no means quite rid of the load
of public correspondence which is come in a
lump, and is very heavy. Besides, at the same
time, the "commission des ^changes" has given
me a very voluminous parcel of memoirs to
examine, palliate, refute, &c., for I am le grand
mediateur des deux cdtes. Both parties believe
me and yield to my arguments; but they are
always complaining, always ready to pull caps,
and I am continually running about with my pen
pour mettre le kola. I have got quite the knack
of it, and have a great deal to do to persuade
both parties that they are quarrelling about abso-
lute nonsense. I have sent duplicates of my
letters about business, by different channels; there-
fore I hope all will be pacified.

Think of our old friend Barth6lerny having
been unanimously carried up to the vacant seat
among the Directory. His brother, the medal-
list,1 is gone to overcome his nolo episcopari and
bring him to Paris.

i Author of " Les Voyages du Jeune Anacharsis."